7 Benefits of Body Jewelry You Should Know Of


Body jewelry on pierced sections is one of the oldest forms of fashion or modification. Many people continue with the practice as is evident in the many young and old people who have piercings all over their bodies. Some of the popular piercing points are nose, navel, lips, tongue, nipples, and genitalia. So, why should you consider body jewelry or body piercing?

Top among the benefits of body piercing is that it is a fashionable and trendy practice. One excellent way to look great in any outfit is if you accompany it with a piece of body jewelry. What’s more, your choice of Reverse Navel Ring jewelry is what will create the greatest impact to your looks. Also, there are endless body jewelry choices that are available for your choosing.

If an expert carries out the piercings on some parts of the ears and nose, there are several vital energy or acupuncture points of the body that can be triggered. A number of cultures use such piercings to reduce the pain that accompanies menses or giving birth. The way it works is by producing a warming and energetic balance to the brain’s right side. It is also believed that the ears are filled with the highest number of acupuncture points that are linked to every other body organ.

When a reproductive organ such as the nipple, glans, or clitoris is pierced, there is an increase in sexual stimulation. When fondling takes place on the pierced parts, there is more sensation felt than there is without the piercing. There is also the fact that nipple piercings are more sexually stimulating to men, in addition to the fact that they keep breasts looking youthful.

Body jewelry is now a form of expression in the people who practice it. Mostly, the expression types that are most popular are artistic and sexual. Besides, it is possible to identify with a certain religious or social organization if you use body jewelry. In a way then, body piercing is a way of getting the identity you desire. For more details about body jewelries, check out http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1078138.

Body piercing is a spiritual tradition for many cultures around the world. In some places, a baby’s ears are pierced immediately after birth. In others, you can only tell the age group or social or marital status of a woman based on the body jewelry she wears.

Piercing is painless and fast, especially if carried out by a knowledgeable party. Unlike other beautification methods such as body tattooing that are time-consuming and extremely painful, you will only feel a slight pinch for a second when a needle in being inserted. For most people, not even the slightest pinch is felt when getting piercings.

Body piercings today are risk-free. If you visit an expert for the body jewelry process, you will get nose piercing cleaning and nose piercing aftercare tips that will ensure that your experience is delightful all the way. Get Nose Piercing Cleaning tips here!


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